Running Start


Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply for the Running Start program at a community college. The college classes are offered tuition free and can count for both high school credits and college credits. However, the student must purchase their own books and materials, pay regular lab fees, and provide their own transportation and meals. Running Start is not totally free.

Application Process

Applicants are required to meet English and Math readiness for college-level work via Accuplacer placement or other approved testing (inquire with the community college of choice). Students should be aware that college academic classes frequently necessitate two hours extra study for each hour in class. Any failed classes remain permanently on the college and high school records, including the high school transcript.  Students planning to attend Running Start for fall quarter should begin the process by March 1st and be completed by the college’s deadline.

By mid-April, students should already have:

  • Talked to their high school counselor and parent/guardian

  • Completed testing and their Running Start application

  • Been accepted as a Running Start student at a college

  • Completed program planning with their high school counselor

  • Registration for fall quarter classes begins in May


Because of the differences between the high school semester system and the community college quarter system, students enrolling in Running Start during the winter and spring quarters must coordinate their high school and community college schedules with care. A failing grade will be posted to the student’s transcript at the time of the withdrawal for any student who drops in-progress high school courses to enter winter or spring Running Start courses. 

Running Start students can ONLY be on Sultan High School’s campus during their scheduled SHS classes. Students without a scheduled class or who are in between Running Start classes may not be on campus.