Grades 9-11: New Student Laptops

New Student Laptops!
Posted on 02/22/2021

Attention 9-11th Graders!

All 9th/10th/11th grade SHS & SVO students are getting new laptops this month, wahoo!

Please fill out the Laptop Protection Form online, either opting in or out. All students will need to turn this form in before getting the new laptop—let us know you know a new laptop is coming home! Paper copies (in English and Spanish) are available by request. If you already have a laptop checked out, we will swap your device for a new one. These new devices are thanks to our community and will help all students have the same device to support their learning.

We will be checking laptops out to students THIS FRIDAY (March 12th) and next Thursday during conferences (March 18th). After completing the form, make sure to sign up for a spot! If you are unable to get to the SHS campus on those days, no worries, we will also check out the laptops during study hall later this month.

Seniors—if you need a laptop to successfully finish out the school year, please reach out to our Tech Department at (360) 793-9891 and they will hook you up! 

We write to you with exciting news! Thanks to the voter approved 2018 Technology Levy, the Sultan School District can begin providing new take-home laptops for all students in grades 5-12. This is the first time the district is purchasing new laptops and able to provide 1-1 take home devices. We have been able to piece together a temporary fleet of devices to support students during remote learning, but we are excited to begin using our new devices!

In our multi-month rollout, SHS and SVO students in 9th through 11th grade are slated for March! Each student will receive a laptop that is theirs to use while in our district. After this initial rollout period, only 5th grade and 9th grade will get new laptops each year as part of a sustainable replacement cycle. This new laptop will be used both in the classroom and at home. Students will need to take good care of the laptop to make sure it will last them year to year. Due to timing of this initial rollout, this year’s seniors will not be getting a new device. However, if any senior student needs a laptop for schoolwork, please reach out and we will make sure you are supported. Students in grades K-4 will also get new laptops over the next year but they will not be for take home use.

Like other districts who have implemented 1-1 take home devices, we are offering an Annual Protection Plan option for families. Each laptop comes in a sturdy case, screen with gorilla glass, and a “pick” resistant keyboard, but we know accidents happen and students may damage their laptops. With the Annual Protection Plan, the SSD Technology Department will be able to make repairs and help mitigate the costs to families. This annual plan is optional, but we need every family to review it to opt in or out before students check out a laptop. The Annual Protection Plan is attached. Since we are rolling out during second semester, this first year’s Protection Plan is only $12.50 per student. This provides protection through September 15th, 2021—view the attached for details.

Our goal is to begin handing out laptops to SHS students in late March. To help us prepare, please review the Annual Protection Plan and complete the online in PowerSchool by March 5th. If you select the Annual Protection Plan, payment can be made at the front office. If you need any assistance with the online form, please call our hotline at (360) 793-9891. If you have any questions about our new 1-1 program or these laptops, feel free to reach out to our school office or our tech department.

Thank you for your support! Looking forward to our next step of fulfilling our Levy Promise,

Dave Moon
Technology Coordinator

Brianne Loomis
Technology Integration TOSA


Copy of Laptop Protection Plan (Must be submitted via PowerSchool):

2020-21 SSD Student Laptop User Agreement & Protection Plan.docx  and 2020-21 SSD Student Laptop User Agreement & Protection Plan SPANISH


To complete the form online:

1. Go to (not the app)
2. Select your child you are completing the form for at the top left
3. Click “Forms” on the left navigation menu.
4. Find and click “Laptop Protection Plan 2020-21” to open the form.
5. Read, review and select opt in or opt out.
6. Click “Submit” at the bottom right.
7. If you opted in, cash or check can be turned into the front office.