Athletic Eligibility & Registration


Make sure you and your parents have active accounts in Power School and updated email information before the school-year ends.

Forms need to be completed by going to Final Forms and following the instructions provided on the link. Parents will need to create a New Parent Account in Final Forms to register their Student Athlete.  

Parent Playbook - Parent Registration Instructions

Physical Forms


  • Go to the Parent Playbook and follow the instructions on how to create a New Account.
  • Once you have created your Parent Account you will then be directed to Register your Student Athlete.
  • ASB Card- Purchase once per year - $50
  • Sports Fee – (Football incurs additional cost) $75/1st Sport, $75/2nd Sport, $50/3rd Sport 


  • Once your parent has created thier Parent Account in Final Forms, it will then generate a student email that will be sent to the students school email address. Students you will then need to follow the instructions on Final Forms to finish your registration.