ASB - Student Government

The Associated Student Bodies of Sultan High School are governed by elected ASB officers, class presidents, class representatives and one elected representative from each club. 


President: Casey Sifferman
Vice President: Kamdyn Fajardo
Secretary: Lucas Dominguez
Treasurer: Avery Brumley
Business Manager: Joy Ayodeji


ASB cards are available at the beginning of the school year in the office for $50.00. Students who are involved in either sports or clubs must purchase an ASB card since ASB helps support athletics and activity programs. Sport fees are $75.00 for the first (1) and second (2nd) sport with the third (3rd) sport being $50.00 for the three-sport athlete. There is an additional $50.00 Football Fee on top of the above fees for any Football players. There are discounts for students who receive free and reduced lunches. In addition, an ASB cardholder will save many times the amount of the price of the card in discounts to various events throughout the year. 



Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are raised by and for students.  These funds are used for optional, extracurricular events that are cultural, athletic, recreational, or social.  These funds are not available for graded student activities that are part of the school curriculum.


ASB Fund Balance Report


ASB Program Information


Opportunity Gap Plan